Ed Addeo screenplays

Although I have had two screenplays optioned (one by the Academy Award-winning producer of "Norma Rae") I am as yet un-produced. 

My collaborator Mick Curran is WGA/w and has sold two scripts, also with neither produced as yet. The script with Jim Schock was the one optioned by the  "Norma Rae" producer,  but went nowhere.       

So, having said that, here is a run-down on what's currently available and how to order a completed script.  


Ed Addeo screenplays


A traditional young Catholic woman, ANNIE, becomes unwittingly involved in a secret society of police widows dedicated to avenging the deaths of their husbands by holding a lottery in which the "winning" member has 30 days to kill the perp. Annie finds herself confronting her husband's murderer with the moral choice of either forgiving him or killing him with total impunity. Lots of female roles.

genre: Mystery-thriller   length: 115 pp.

"IT HAPPENS" (also called "LOVE HAPPENS")

When middle-aged widower TONY falls in love with a younger woman the same age as his daughter FIONA, an outraged Fiona feigns an affair with an older man to show her father his folly.  But when Fiona and the older man fall in love, it's Tony's turn to be outraged and when the four of them meet, all hell breaks loose in a hilariously farcical way.   

genre: romantic comedy length: 100 pp. 


This low-budget, modern day "High Noon" features a returning Vietnam marine, SAM KERN, who walks into a bank robbery in a remote southwestern Texas town. When he thwarts the heist, killing two wise guys in the process, the ringleader is sent to prison vowing to return and kill him.  Thirty years later, a married Sam is the sheriff of the same remote two-cop town and hears that the ringleader has been paroled and is coming for him.

genre: action-thriller length: 88 pp. 


A disgraced Major League manager is banned from baseball and resorts to scruffing around Mexican leagues.  He gets a chance to manage the first organized team in Russia and winds up playing the NY Yankees in the World Series.

genre: comedy length: 98 pp. log line:

"THE FIRST GIRL OF SUMMER" (with Jim Schock)

A young girl and her single mother struggle for the girl to be officially allowed to play Little League baseball, and the violent effect it has on a small California community.  Based on a true story.

genre: drama length: 109 pp. log line



Thriller. The search for a sniper who kills prominent sports figures as they play their games.



A woman wakes up one morning to find that her husband no longer exists – and never did.     



A seemingly simple case of stolen identity leads a young accountant to uncover a plot to finance a new Mexican revolution.     



A dirt-poor, knife-wielding, half-savage black boy in the Louisiana swampland grows up to be the violent, lovable and world-famous "King of the 12-String Guitar," Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter.

NOTES: 1.    For a complete script, go to the "CONTACT" link and either email or call me with your address.  

               2.    We also have a sensational idea for a World War II actioner that, for security reasons, is best left in our heads but which is waiting for the chance to pitch a greenlighting executive.