Summary of the Book

The Woman Who Cured Cancer

This book has already saved lives by informing the public about a low-cost cancer vaccine that energizes a patient's immune system to attack cancer cells. It tells how Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, M.D. developed the vaccine 35 years ago with noted biochemist Dr. John Majnarich, Ph.D., president of Bio Research Laboratory near Seattle. Although Dr. V died of a heart attack in 1990, the vaccine is still available, and for only about $3,500, whereas immune system vaccines the FDA is now approving cost more than $100,000. Who can afford that? Click on the 3-minute video to learn more.

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This is my magnum opus. I spent 40 years writing it, and the noted Chanticleer Reviews group gave it the prestigious Chaucer Award for "best historical fiction," which I admit was a great surprise. I call it "the Hawaii​ of Yosemite Valley," in homage to the great James Michener. Spanning thousands of years it goes from the migration of the eventual Miwok tribe southward from the base of Mt. Shasta, to the Mariposa Indian War of 1851, when the white men entered the valley to do battle with the legendary Chief Tenaya. "Uzumati" is the guttural Miwok word for "grizzly bear," which the whites could not pronounce, sounding more like  like "yosemite," hence the name. ​Be sure to see my reviews on Amazon!

Winner of the 2015 Chaucer Award

The Midnight Special

This is a republishing of a 1975 book published by the then-famous Bernard Geis ("Valley of the Dolls"). It made a big hit, front-page rave review in the venerable New York Times Book Review and sold out its first printing. Headed for best-seller, right? WRONG! Geis suddenly filed a Chapter XI and stores couldn't re-order the book! Still-born! Well, now it's available for everyone on Amazon.

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Inside Divorce

My friend Bob Burger (an international chess master who once beat Bobby Fisher in 13 moves) and I surveyed 1,000 divorced people, which the Ladies' Home Journal called the largest survey of divorced people ever taken (at the time). It turned out most of them said if they had to do it all over again they'd try harder to stay married! So Bob and I wrote a pro-marriage divorce book and got the great Melvin Belli to write the introduction. Chilton published the hardback and serial rights made some good money

The Fortec Conspiracy

My friend Dick Garvin, the world's greatest collaborator, had long been fascinated by a rumor about a UFO crash in Spitzbergen, Norway. We decided to write a documentary about it but changed our minds and produced our first novel instead, in 1965. Hard cover, sold to paperback.​ Ray Bradbury called it "a minor classic." Proud, indeed!

The Talbott Agreement

My turn to be fascinated, this time by the sci-fi concept of telekinesis, because when I worked for McGraw-Hill World News and spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley, I met a scientist at Sylvania who found a gas station attendant who could bend a laser beam with his mind. Dick and I turned it into our second novel, a spy thriller set in Red China. Hard cover again, also sold to paperback.

Low and Outside

The only book I've written strictly from a tape recording. An old boyfriend of my wife's was in the Phillies organization, getting up to Triple-A three times but not quite making it to the Biggies. He had some funny stories to tell, so I sat him down in front of a jug of wine and a tape recorder and let him talk about his career in the minor leagues. It was one of the first adult baseball books, and my agent at the time, Perry Knowlton of Curtis-Brown Ltd., sold it immediately to Coward-McCann. Also my first TV appearance on national TV-- on the "Today" show, no less.


I wrote this with my friend Dr. Rex E. Wiederanders, M.D., a midwestern surgeon, and Cosmopolitan magazine did a nice spread on it with Cindy Williams as the model. Funk & Wagnall's published.

The Conquest of Cancer

My first meeting with the pioneering Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, M.D., resulted in this book. My agent Bill Gladstone introduced us, I worked in her lab, lived at her La Jolla oceanside home, and when I was convinced she wasn't a quack, wrote this book for her. A 90% cure rate, all kinds of cancer, with the vaccine she developed that is the subject of the book at the top of this list.

Mega Nutrition

I wrote this after the Dr. Virginia book, when I became interested in cancer research and the effect of diet on the immune system. Dr. Kunin was the president of the Orthomolecular Medical Society at the time. But he drove me so crazy with continuous revisions and a constant flow of new information that I called in Bob Burger to finish it. Hence, my name isn't on the title.

Why Our Children Drink

As the Vietnam War was winding down, I wanted to write a book about the growing teenage drug problem, and my editor at Prentice-Hall suggested doing one instead on the legal​ teenage drug – alcohol. My wife, a psychiatric R.N., and I did the shocking research and wrote this book together. I hated the title but lost the argument with the publisher. But we had a lot of fun on the TV/lecture circuit.