I have begun broadening my editorial services from exclusively friends and family to all American writers across the fruited plain. My work not only includes a word-by-word, line-by-line detailed grammatical/spelling editing, but also notations concerning contextual and continuity questions. I also include overall plot and creative critiques. As further material on this website attests, I work with both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. 

      I cannot overemphasize the importance of a ms. being wholly perfect  before submitting to a publisher!

     My typical procedure is to discuss your project with you over the phone or by email before accepting the assignment; I then print out your material and do the editing on hard copy in red ink. I believe hard-copy editing is both more effective and ergonomically tranquil. 

     My fees vary according to your requirements. My clients usually consider them surprisingly reasonable.

     Here are few recent testimonials:

       "As an author of five novels, I thought I’d gotten the art of editing my own books down. I found out otherwise when I hired Ed Addeo to edit my most recent work, “The Dead Man’s Daughter.” His attention to detail, vast knowledge of grammar and style and professional eye for typos, not to mention story suggestions, turned the book into a very sellable product. Mr. Addeo’s rates are very reasonable, more so when one sees the results. He takes projects to heart and gives them his full attention. I can honestly say that my search for the ultimate editor is over. I am confident he will help get me published soon with a major New York house."

       --- John Cross

       I met Ed Addeo while writing my third novel, The Custer Conspiracy, a historical fiction mystery. I’d finished about half the novel when I suddenly encountered a severe case of writer’s bloc. I remembered reading Ed’s novel, Uzumati, a masterpiece of historical fiction, and thought maybe this guy could help me. Good decision on my part!

I contacted him online. Serendipitously, it turned out he lived less than thirty miles from me and agreed to meet me in person. I told him my sad tale and asked if he had any magic remedies for what ailed me. He had “remedies” alright, but they weren’t borne out of “magic,” but rather garnered from a lifetime of perfecting his craft. With a mind cleared of junk, I soon got back to writing.

About the time I was completing the Custer novel, Ed added “Editing” to his resume. I signed up immediately, sending him my completed Custer manuscript. One of Ed’s delightful business practices is his hands-on assistance. We communicated at least twice a week via email (and sometimes in a cantina over a glass or two of beer— an unexpected perk of living only thirty miles away).  

I had already completed two novels and, therefore, had dealt unhappily with so-called “editors.” Then Ed entered my life and I found out first-hand what it meant to have a master writer refine your work. 

If you haven’t had that experience, I seriously suggest you contact Ed Addeo. 

---Dennis Koller